Mountaineers Launch Mobile Range Campaign

  • By Shannon McNamara
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  • May 04, 2017 11:42 AM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – With the 2019 NCAA Rifle Championships bound for Morgantown, the 19-time National Champion West Virginia University rifle program is looking to improve its home venue and boost its fan appeal, and the Mountaineers need your help.
The Mountaineer Athletic Club has launched the WVU Mobile Rifle Range Project with the intent of purchasing the equipment needed for a mobile rifle range.
“Firstly, we are extremely excited to host the 2019 NCAA Rifle Championships,” Mountaineer coach Jon Hammond said. “This mobile range will give us all the equipment we need to host a first-class match. Additionally, the mobile range will allow our team to properly prepare for all championships, as we’ll be able to shoot our home matches in an environment that replicates a postseason match. This range is a game-changer for our program, and it is sure to also improve the viewing ability of the sport.
“The WVU rifle program has some amazing fans and supporters, and I know everyone will pitch in to make this project a reality for next season. The hope is that we will then be able to compete in front of much larger crowds, which will provide a great experience for the student-athletes and help us continue to grow our sport and our program.”
A mobile rifle range will provide the WVU rifle program with the opportunity to set up a fully functioning rifle range, featuring 20 firing points, in multiple arenas, including the WVU Coliseum and the WVU Shell Building. More than twice the size of the WVU Rifle Range, a mobile range also will allow a larger number of spectators to cheer for the Mountaineers when they compete in Morgantown.
“The WVU rifle program has been dominant for many years, and we are very excited about the opportunity to work with donors who have an interest in supporting the Mobile Rifle Range Project,” Ben Murray, WVU MAC Senior Associate Athletic Director/Executive Director, said. “We have very strong support for our rifle program, and we are confident that our donors will be equally excited about making this project become a reality. The new range will enable the rifle program to have the opportunity to compete in a variety of venues while also providing our fans with the chance to watch our team compete in Morgantown and potentially throughout the state.”
Included in the mobile range are 20 new, state-of-the-art 3D electronic target systems which feature cross fire detection and zero consumables of paper or rubber bands. Simply put – these electronic targets are one of the most accurate on the market. Additionally, the mobile range will feature 20 bullet catchers and surrounding walls which will create a safe range area, allowing for competition in any arena. Fans also will appreciate the large projector screens which will provide shot-by-shot coverage, enhancing spectators’ experience.
Ultimately, a mobile range will cement WVU’s position as one of the top collegiate programs nationally. Every home match will simulate an NCAA Championships environment, allowing the student-athletes to better prepare for postseason competition.
Major gifts at the level of $25,000 and above to the Mobile Rifle Range Project will be recognized with naming right opportunities within the facility. Gifts to this project are processed by the WVU Foundation, Inc. [501(c)3] and are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the law.
To make your commitment to the WVU Mobile Rifle Range Project, please click HERE or call the MAC office at 1-800-433-2072.
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