Five Sets with Taylor Cross

  • By Alyssa Cantisani
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  • May 02, 2017 04:37 PM
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On transferring to WVU from New Mexico…
First I came in contact with Reed (Sunahara) and Becky (Rudnick). They really sell the school and they really sell the town of Morgantown and how it’s just a unique experience; how there aren’t any professional teams so the whole city is just in love with the Mountaineers. Basically, the family atmosphere and how much people care about West Virginia, I knew it would be a home away from home. As far as volleyball went, their coaching philosophy and how they run the program definitely also brought me here and just how welcoming the girls were.
On having a brother (Marcus –football at Colorado Mesa) who was also a student-athlete…
It’s kind of funny because we’ll complain about workouts or he’ll tell me, “Oh man, this week was hard in the weight room,” and I’m thinking, “I’m dying too.” It is pretty cool because he can relate to how hard school was because our parents -  they were just normal students, so that was cool. It was really awesome when he was able to come to our games because I never got to see any of his while I was here but it was cool that we had the opportunity to see each other compete. In a sense (I do feel closer to him). He’s definitely proud of me and he’ll be the first to tell his friends about “ Taylor’s doing this at West Virginia… “ and he loves when I bring him back something so he can rock the West Virginia gear. In that sense it made us close, and, also I can look up to him and ask him for advice. Overall, just having that in common made life a lot easier especially, with him being older.
On having a supportive family …
Family is everything to me. They are definitely there for me unconditionally and without them I really would be nothing. It means so much to me that my parents came. I saw them at least every month and just having their support when times are hard or when times are good, it’s so uplifting and seeing how happy they are of me and knowing that all the time, money, and effort that they put into me growing up, this is my way of paying them back. Having them around, and as much as they are, is the most rewarding thing I would say about volleyball. They come to West Virginia, I think they’ve been here 3 or 4 times but they go to a lot of the away games since the Big 12 is closer to Colorado like when we are in Texas or Kansas and then thanksgiving so I see them all the time.
On the support of the Mountaineer family…
I love Reena and Roy. They are a couple who has been supporting Mountaineer athletics, especially women’s basketball and volleyball, for many, many years and they always welcome us and they travel to our games. We went over and visited them when we were off in the spring and they are always there. It’s a great conversation; it’s fun to go find them after the games and they are like our grandparents in a sense. Steve Prunty, the photographer - he’s awesome. He’s always snapping good pictures of us or funny pictures of us. It’s just cool that after the game, especially if my parents aren’t here or even if they are, just to go in the stands and talk to them or talk to some of the girls who do our camps and all that. Being a Mountaineer is very rewarding.
On leaving her mark on the program …
If I were to leave behind a legacy or something to be remembered by, I think it would be something along the lines of how I overcame adversity. Being a transfer and going through new coaches and that kind of change and just how we basically accepted that we were going to create a culture, and we started it. People can look back and think that we were the class that didn’t give up when times were hard. We love West Virginia and the Mountaineers, and we were willing to work hard for it. 


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