Five Sets with Gianna Gotterba

  • By Alyssa Cantisani
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  • March 21, 2017 02:43 PM
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On playing against her twin sister, Katrin, when the Mountaineers played Pacific …
Honestly, building up to that game I didn’t even want to think about it. Every time someone brought it up during the summer before we played I was just like, “oh my gosh it’s going to be crazy, I don’t want to.” But I think it helped a lot that we had played a tournament right before. If it was just that game, it would have been worse, but I was kind of already in a volleyball mode. I just remember when we were playing, I never looked over to the other side to see her. I only did it once, but other than that, I just treated it like another game and I didn’t even try to notice that she was over there. Obviously I want to win but as long as both of us played well, I didn’t want her to have a terrible game and then me have a great game or the other way around. I was just happy that we both did well.
On playing in front of family and friends …
It was nice because I always talk about their restaurant and that’s where they hosted everybody, so I was excited for everyone to try their amazing food and they were really excited to bring everybody in. It was nice, because I think it was a really good get together. Everyone was just talking and having fun, great food around, so that’s always a nice night. My parents made shirts (for the match). They made shirts that were half Pacific and half WVU, and then had Gotterba on the back and pictures. They hyped it up and like all of my family came, so it was good to see all of my family.
On her relationship with Katrin…
Growing up, we obviously are sisters and we love each other but we fought a lot. Then when we went away, we barely fight when I come back home. I talk to her, text her every couple days … I just FaceTimed her yesterday for the first time in a while. We’re really close. We like the same things, we have the same taste in clothes and other things. But when it comes to boys, we don’t really have the same taste. Other than that, were really close and we really miss each other. I remember the very first game we both had as freshman we were both freaking out because she was playing USC and I was playing BYU, both ranked teams. We text normally beginning once conference play starts, we’re just like “okay I’m nervous …” and we just talk about it but it calms us down.
On choosing separate schools…
I don’t think it was hard but it’s harder during the offseason. I think it helps a lot that we both play volleyball, we’re both in the same season so we can’t focus on missing each other or being homesick. I think I’m honestly more homesick in the spring. I miss her more in the spring because I just saw her during Christmas and stuff. Once we’re here for summer and we’re going straight into volleyball, you’re just kind of used to it. I’m jealous all the time (that’s close to home). She gets to go to the restaurant, she gets to go do little things like go to crab feeds and stuff like that, but it makes me cherish the moment when I go home more. I’m closer with my little brother so I take pride in that.
On life after volleyball…
We talk about it all the time. I think the hardest part will just be that it’s not a routine anymore. We’re not going to know what to do. Obviously, we’re going to go out and get real jobs, but I know it’s going to be so weird not seeing everybody every day. It’s going to be so weird not going to lift and having all of these obligations.  I think it’s going to be super weird at first and we’re going to feel like we don’t have anything to do, but I think once we figure it out and get our jobs or internships, it’ll be nice. 


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